Sea Otter / Sea Lion

Load onboard the Breakaway Adventures llc meet for this tour at our “shack” located on the approach to the cruise ship dock, downtown Wrangell  Once onboard our vessel and a safety briefing you will have a moment to learn the history of Wrangell from the 1700’s to today as we pull away from the dock. Then throttles down and away we go on this Sea Otter / Sea Lion expedition, (Humpback Whales, sea birds, and Harbor Seals are also an option on this tour). Roughly a 45-minute ride gets us out to Level Island where the actual sea otter watching will begin. And you guessed it Level Island is ah flat…. Level Islands also have lots of kelp forests which Sea Otters love to be around, gives them a chance to get in the kelp and to take naps and rest and protection without worry of floating away.  Sea Otters can mate and give birth throughout the year, but in Alaska it appears they mostly give birth in late Spring. Sea Otter pup’s way 3-5 lbs. at birth and near 30 lbs. when they are weaned. Adults way in the 40-50 lbs. for females, 60-90lbs. for Males. You will have ample time for some great photos of Sea Otters “doing their thing”. Sea Lions are sea mammals with long fore flippers and can walk on them and their tail flippers for a short distance. They can live for 20-30 years of age, males (bulls can be up to 2,000 lbs.) females (cows average around 800-1,000 lbs.). They love fish of most any species for meals but rarely tackle larger prey them Salmon. They are very social animals and live in colonies often spotted onshore or crowded on buoy’s. They give birth to single “pups” at a gathering onshore called a rookery, pups weigh around 30-40 lbs., weaned in roughly a year and are independent in 2 years.  So bring charged batteries and empty memory cards. Lots of time for photography, watching the Sea Otters play, eat and enjoy life, combined with the crew narration makes for an awesome tour. Bonus there can be cell service available on your provider to send instant action to friends and loved ones around the world.