Stikine River Tour

What sets us apart from other companies? 30 years of experience of course, great boats that have led the jet boat tour business in Wrangell since 1989 ! We are a original owned and operated business.
The Stikine River is the Fastest Free Flowing Navigable river in North America !
Three options are available on this great tour, request one of our covered heated boats OR request our open outboard jet boat (Gone Again) and run it like most Wrangellites run the river, both options are available by hitting the Book Online button below.

Stikine River, John Muir Adventure… Our #1 popular tour, 3.5 – 4 hour duration. This Fun, High Speed tour takes you to Shakes Lake / Glacier. Where we explore the icebergs, waterfalls and great sights of the area. Fun is the name of the game on this tour with stops. Includes the running of several sloughs on our way up river to Shakes Lake and a different route on the way downstream on your way back to Wrangell
Price $185.00 per person plus local 7% sales tax You can also look at other tour options on our Price Link button above.​
*** If your interested in extending your Stikine River experience ask or request our Extended John Muir Adventures. 6-7 hour duration, ADD to the above tour–a stop at the Chief Shakes Hot Springs for a soak in this amazing feature of the Stikine River or a run to the U.S. / Canada Border Price $215.00 per person plus local 7% sales tax.

​3)Wrangell Xtreme Adventures. 4 hour duration, 4 pax maximum. This tour is on the “Gone Again” our open outboard jet speed boat. This style boat is one of preferred boat designs that Wrangellites use to joy ride the Stikine River. This tour can cover more of the river then the larger tour boats can, no roof means you get to see it all. Bring your out door gear ( we also provide you gear as necessary) for you to enjoy the river the way locals do…Price $195.00 per person plus local 7% sales tax

Don’t let that fact of the Stikine River being called the fastest free flowing navigable river in North America worry you however it is all flat water on the US portion of the river but it is a very large high volume flow rate river. In fact it is the largest river in Southeast Alaska. The Stikine River is one of the rare tours that can offer something for any age group and any interest, it is that diverse in scenery. There is not enough room or time to tell you all about it, but here goes our best attempt.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Is the only way to describe the Stikine River. Once it was busy with riverboats carrying gold prospectors, adventurers and supplies to the gold fields of interior Canada back in the late 1800’s and thru the 1900’s. a Fun Fact is that it was actual used prior to the famous Chilkat Trail of Skagway area to access the famous Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800’s. Now the gold rushes are over and you can enjoy a jet boating experience in the Stikine/LeConte Wilderness area ( with Breakaway Adventures. Here is also a great interactive Map ( link) of the area around Wrangell and the great Stikine River.
Depending on the tide conditions, the first “adventure” begins with negotiating the Stikine River delta, which is a maze of sandbars at the mouth of the river, built up with ions of silt being washed down the entire 400 mile length of the Stikine River. After crossing the delta, be prepared for the lush greenery, narrow side sloughs, tall snow capped mountains, waterfalls, and glaciers that line the many sloughs that will be used as we navigate up river. Always keep your eyes open for bear and moose, birds and other wildlife. We make frequent stops for the many photo opportunities or learn more and explore the river shores. Shakes Lake and Glacier are one of the main highlights on the Stikine River. This area of the Stikine is just plane unbelievable. Another amazing feature is the Chief Shakes Hot Springs, two USFS maintained tubs await fed by mineral springs. Clear Hot (no Sulphur smell) make for a great stop to stretch legs or take soak. (keep in mind that some companies don’t allow you time for these great place. Just to give you an idea of how unique and special the Stikine River system is John Muir has a famous quote “Stikeen River a Yosemite 100 miles long” now that should give you a clue on how great the area is and we naturally believe we provide the best tour available. How do you do this ? 20 plus years of experience doesn’t hurt. We are provide the personal tour you deserved by not rushing the experience in order to provide back to back tours, like some single boat companies do. We give you a hands on experience, touching “petting” icebergs, doing a boulder scramble perhaps, taking a break at the desert, you can pretty much dictate on how much fun and the experience you want on this trip. How about collecting an iceberg at Shakes Glacier to cool down your drink or using one to cool down the Chief Shakes Hot Springs about 1/2 hour later? You can’t hardly beat that, better believe it !! The Hot Springs are U.S. Forest Service maintained hot tubs which are mineral springs– so they don’t smell like rotten eggs, thank God!
We love going “up the river” in the “Stikine Dream” or the “Glacier Chaser” both boats were designed for river trips. The “Motivator” also works great on the river, giving you awesome deck room for enjoying the views, The “Gone Again” will give you that open boat experience for those that are looking for the authentic river tour in a boat that us Wrangellites use in our daily lives. You can learn more about our boats Here(breakaway link) page. These two boats allow us access to the neatest areas for sightseeing on the Stikine River. They also works well for the tours that we offer to the Anan Wildlife Observatory (Breakaway Link) and LeConte Glacier (Breakaway Link).

Stikine River calendar of events
March / April !!! The Eulachon (Hooligan, small fish), will be in which means loads of Eagles, Largest Springtime Concentration in North America (estimates range as high as 2,500), thousands of Sea Gulls, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and other wildlife abound for this kick off our season. Luckily we are always ready for the action because of our year around activity with the school systems (breakaway link) and other water taxi opportunities we provide thru the winter months. This is something we have provided for the local area (Wrangell, Petersburg and POW Island) since 2001.
April / May 15th !!! after that amazing event the migrating shorebirds show up. The Stikine River Bird Festival (link) celebrates the arrival of Snow Geese (upwards of 10,000), Shorebirds (around 200,000), Sand Hill cranes (upwards of 10.000) plus there is over 100 different species of birds that utilize the Pacific Fly Way to migrate on into different areas north of Wrangell. We have had bird watchers rent canoes with us and spend several days, counting and identifying the multitude of different migrating birds while working their way down the river system. The Stikine River is the most significant stop and refueling point between the Frasier River ( link) system in Canada and the Copper River ( link) system due north of us.
***We offer special shoulder season rates for the above events.***
June !!! The river is rising due to snow melt and summer rains. This means more “sloughs” to burn. With Breakaway Adventures this is when your fun begins. We love to slough burn as the Stikine River gets high enough for easy access to Chief Shakes Hot Springs, Shakes Lake thaws out from the winter freeze so that significant highlight becomes even better then in the earlier season.
July!!! Brings spawning salmon to some of the Stikine River tributaries, which offers the opportunity to do a little fishing or viewing fish on the tour. The river generally peaks out height from spring early summer floods, this means that most all sloughs are available for showing you the river system and what it means to us locals.
August / September !!! The Stikine is often still high in the earlier parts of August but will often get lower in late August and by September will even be lower. However it will often spike back up with rains that hit us in the fall months. The Stikine drains such a significant area that it can often rise several feet in a 12 hour period.
September / October !!! While the Stikine can be at low levels, one of the more popular multi day tours is going the 160 miles into Telegraph Creek, Canada (breakaway link) for the fall color bonanza, fresh snow on the mountain peaks make for some assume pictures and memories.
***Combine all these activities and the Stikine River is often described as the best all around trip we took in Southeast Alaska
We offer transportation service to the USFS Recreation Cabins on the Stikine River system and around the Wrangell vicinity. Learn more about locations and descriptions click HERE (F/S link). Scroll Down to the Wrangell RD listing.