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a small boat in a body of water

We started Breakaway Adventures by offering fishing charters back in 1989. We started offering guided Anan Bear Tours in the early 1990s and soon followed that with Jet Boat tours on the Stikine River. Soon we were offering tours to LeConte Glacier and by the mid late 1990’s included as an option going into Petersburg, Alaska, for additional fee and time. We also offer many Water Taxi options ranging from trips between Wrangell and Petersburg, USFS Recreation Cabins or Skiff / Canoe rentals with drop offs.  As you can see we have had a long and great history of offering tours in Wrangell. Our wish is for you to have the best experience available and we are the company for you!

Breakaway Adventures offers you the best seating and viewing comfort plus more deck room than any of our competitors. Our service, boats and  friendship have made us the Premier Jet Boat Company in Wrangell since we started business in 1989. We hope that you choose to go with the best.  We meet or exceed all United States Coast Guard regulations for inspected vessels.

While there are several choices in operations in Wrangell  we have the most years of operation. Breakaway Adventures vessels have generally set the standard for equipment, first to have sliding glass windows through out the boat (some don’t), windshield wipers on the front door/ windows (some don’t), stand up walk in cabins (some don’t), life rafts, first vessels with forward facing seats (some don’t), there are many other unique features.  Being an original company that started the jet boat tours currently offered by many competitors in Wrangell is your assurance of a great experience in Wrangell and surrounding areas. Bottom line you can’t do any better than working with us to provide you, your family, you friends or groups a better all around experience!

Breakaway Adventures is an equal opportunity provider and is a permit holder of the Tongass National Forest-All of our guides are USFS permitted-All tours operate within the Tongass national Forest & Stikine LeConte Wilderness areas.


Eric Yancey

a man standing in front of a mountain

Now former owner of Breakaway Adventures and Captian.  Eric moved to Wrangell in 1978 with his parents, worked in the timber industry for many years, hunting and fishing, enjoying the sights around Wrangell. Started Breakaway Adventures in 1989 which has involved to a multi boat business with a gerat local crew who love to be on the boats and showing clients the great sights, sounds and experiences they have had here in Wrangell also. He looks forward to meeting clients. See YOU at the dock.

Spenser Stavee

a man sitting in a car

Staff shout out to the new owner of Breakaway Adventures! “Spensa-Buddy” has been with Breakaway several years now. Raised in Wrangell himself, he shares all his local knowledge with our visitors/hometown heroes utilizing wit and humor like no other! The summer months are beyond busy for our captains. We appreciate his showing up everyday with a smile and a joke. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the company, Captain Spenser!

Glenn Smith

a man holding a fish

Glenn is a longtime friend of Eric’s. He moved to Wrangell in 1979. Worked in the local lumber mill for many years and in the town of Wrangell in several jobs thru the years. Glenn also loves the Wrangell area raising several kids here and enjoys hunting and fishing and sharing his experiences with clients. He is one of our “key” deckhands, helps mechanic, drive shuttle bus and is Eric’s go to person when a “extra” hand is needed.  Thanks Glenn for all you do for the company and clients.


Glacier Chaser

a small boat in a body of water with a mountain in the background

The “Glacier Chaser” is the only 6 passenger boat in Wrangell with walk upright into the cabin, forward facing seats, sliding glass windows, it is heated and with many of the features of the “Ocean Pro”. Seating for 8 passengers but we operate it as a 6 passenger only vessel. Locally built to our specification it is a great general purpose vessel that operates well on any and all our tours.

Ocean Pro

a group of people in a boat on the side of a mountain

Here is the “Ocean Pro” enjoying the scenery. It is another of our boats with forward facing seats, glass windows, heated and a restroom onboard. This vessel also is a great all around boat for our variety of tours, up to 15 passengers, makes it great for small groups or individuals. Come enjoy the sights of Wrangell and Petersburg in our USCG inspected vessels.

Gone Again

a boat parked on the side of the road

Here is the “Gone Again” this is a throw back boat to the style that started the Jet Boat experience in Wrangell Alaska. It is a New Zealand style hull with a 175hp Mercury Opti-Max outboard jet… Forward seating on this boat also, single passenger seat up front then a bench, facing forward, for three passengers.. We only operate this with a maximum of 4 passengers… SO you ask what makes this special ?  It is the boat of choice for many Wrangellites for their river running good times. With no roof or side glass windows in your way it is awesome for photo’s and enjoying the great outdoors on you jet boat trip up the Stikine River…  With the window up front, your protected for the most part, from the wind and the good old ” Southeast drizzle”. We provide for your comfort a full suit for your warmth and comfort.. REQUEST the “Gone Again” if you want to travel the way Wrangellites travel on the Stikine River when they are out for fun….This boat gets you to places when the big boats can’t !